Columbia Riverfront RV Park

1881 Dike Rd
Woodland, WA 98674

(800) 845-9842

(360) 225-2227

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Drove into campground entrance after driving 10 hours that day. I was traveling with 2 other RVer's that day so we had 3 different campsites booked that night. I was the first one to arrive at the campground and noticed another camping trailer parked at the park office checking in. Instead of parking behind him, I decided to pull ahead of him leaving sufficient room for him to get out and drive to his site. I needed to do this in order for the other 2 rv's to pull into the park so as not to remain on an active highway. Strictly a safety maneuver. Immediately the owner came running out of his office and proceeded to chew me out in an irrational manner (like I was some sort of criminal) for parking in front of the camper that was already there. I could not believe that this man was talking to me in such a manner. I asked him if he welcomes all his guest in that manner. Apparently that did not go over to well with him so he told me to leave his RV park. "Get Out"!! Could not believe it. I have been RVing for 42 years and have camped in every state in our union and have NEVER been treated in this manner. It is vividly apparent that this owner has no idea what customer relations are about. Kind of feel sorry for the guy. We all turned our vehicles around and drove off to an awesome campground at the KOA in Cascade Locks, OR. Honestly, I cannot rate the other services and features of this park due to the simple fact that I did not have a chance to stay here. This not one of my typical reviews since this has never happened to me before. I am just hoping to put the word out there to help someone else avoid such a horrible experience as I did.
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Reviewed 08/10/2015